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Chargeback & Dispute Policy


A chargeback is when a customer calls their bank to reverse the charges made by us. Credit cards normally allow 90 days for a customer to file a claim.
Chargeback's are bad for both the customer and us, the merchant. Since we are more than happy to issue a refund if something is wrong with your order, there should be no reason for the customer to do a chargeback.
Chargeback's result in fines for our bank and to us. This results in more expensive goods for all customers. If a chargeback is done without giving us the opportunity to resolve the issue with you or contacting us first, our bank will submit this information to the Experian Credit Agency.
This is simply a way to protect us against frivolous chargeback's which cost all customers more money!

All Charges Will Appear On Your Credit Card Statement As "RR ONLINE SERVICES "


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